Rick & Joe Ltd A strong Partnership between post and creation

About R+J

Rick Waller and Joe Dyer provide a bespoke service for moving picture productions using their extensive experience in all departments of film making. They execute and manage the filming and post production of your project, lightening the load for the producer.

Rick+Joe have developed a synergy that makes the whole production process smoother, by dealing with the start and the end of the production. 

They have found that by combining their services the continuity and symbiosis brings more to the project than the individual parts.

Joe as DoP organises the camera department with, crew and equipment tailored to each individual project. 

Meanwhile, as film editor, Rick produces and manages the post production through to finish and delivery based at his studio in Hackney.  

Fluid continuity is guaranteed with R+J overlapping throughout the various production stages.

Rick+Joe work with: 

Agencies         Production Companies        Photographers' Agents          Direct to Brands