Rick & Joe Ltd A strong Partnership between post and creation

In a world of ever-shortening attention spans, where you can skip and move on if you don't like what you see, these ads had to hit hard and fast and also communicate a message about PayPals many services.

Leading London agency RAPP commissioned Norwegian director MORTEN BORGESTAD from HORTON STEPHENS, to make 12 short web commercials. 

This campaign demonstrates how Rick+Joe can bring value to a project and also lighten the load on the producers.

R+J were involved from the start consulting on the treatments and then delivering a shooting script to assure quick and cohesive days on the many sets constructed mostly in a shoot house in South London.

Shooting mostly on 4K, Joe took on full responsibility for the camera crew, lighting and camera equipment. Sourcing the best talent and also attaining great value and flexibility from his favourite rental company.

Rick was on set when needed, but was principally involved as film editor, hiding-out at his exclusive editing studio in Hackney. 

Rick+Joe also managed all the post production elements, working with fast and cost effective graders and vfx artists. Thereby bringing a large job to conclusion at top TVC standards for an extremely reasonable cost to the clients.

They delivered all the masters on schedule and finally sent off a “care package” with clean elements and split tracks so that the happy people at RAPP could fiddle around making their Snapchat and Instagram cut downs and other Giffs and what have yous!

DoP Joe.    Edited by Rick.